Keto is the new Paleo and the latest trend of 2017. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Adriana Lima are touting this new diet of which I am a big fan. It is the only diet that I have been able to stick to, so much so that I no longer call it a diet but my new lifestyle. Here are the reasons why I Keto, ranked in order.


 why a keto diet can help with negative effects of sugar

reason #1: Remove Toxins, aka Sugar

As you might know, I started this blog to help others find easy, practical ways to remove toxins because I used to be intimidated or overwhelmed with how to stay “healthy”. With all the options how do you know what is best? Toxins were on my radar but became prevalent after enduring a high-risk pregnancy almost losing my precious baby girl. The more I learned the more I was concerned.

Toxins were and are every where. Stress was a major toxin in my life and something that I am still learning how to manage. But, because stress is a natural part of my life, as a working mother of 3 children under the age of four, I decided I needed to figure out how I could manage other toxins more effectively. One of those toxins happened to be sugar.

Did you know sugar is more addicting than cocaine?

Neither did I, until I watched the documentary FED UP.  Produced by Katie Couric and Laurie David, the documentary focuses on the U.S. obesity crisis blaming sugar and processed foods as the main culprits. Sugar Coated, another great documentary, suggests that sugar is the new tobacco. And, a study conducted by Dr. Robert Lustig, suggests sugar is most definitely a toxin – read more about it here.

If sugar really is this toxic, I needed to find a way to rid myself of this toxin and Keto was the best way I found how.


reason #2: Get Rid of Yeast Infections

If you’ve had a yeast infection, I am sorry. If you have NEVER had a yeast infection, thank goodness. They are terrible, painful and downright annoying. I had yeast, a breast-feeding yeast infection, and it felt like daggers were inside me every time I nursed. It can also feel like a sharp, shooting pain. My favorite description by far is feeling like your boobs are being dragged across concrete payment when you nurse. None of these sound pleasant and a yeast infection is not.

While giving birth to my third child, I was rushed in for an emergency C-Section due to complications (read more about it here ). My daughter was born 9 weeks early and we were in the NICU 6 weeks while she grew to a healthier weight.

During that time, I contracted a yeast infection twice and three additional times after leaving the NICU. Women who have C-sections are given antibiotics to help manage the risk of infection. While the antibiotics are helpful for preventing bed diseases, the antibiotics clear out all the good bacteria in turn letting yeast thrive.

While the NICU is not a fun place to be because it usually means your child has complications, it provided great resources. One of those resources happened to be lactation consultations who offered suggestions on how to get rid of that nasty sucker. Guess what….one of those suggestions was to eat less sugar.

I wasn’t quite ready to give up sugar, so I tried a few other things before caving in. First, Diflucan, a commonly prescribed antibiotic for yeast infections. After two prescriptions, my body became immune. Second, I tried an Apple Cider Vinegar wash. Rise and repeat 3 times a day. It burned and didn’t help. Third, was to use Lotrimin AF which is an antifungal cream. I tried all of these at one point during my bouts with yeast but it kept coming back.

Finally, I had to relent and knew that I needed to kick sugar for good.




reason #3: Lose Weight

I would love to have a body of an 18 year old again, feeling awesome wearing a bikini and strutting my stuff. Part of any natural cycle for a women is to want to lose weight. After three children, my body was metabolizing food differently than it was before. With my first, I could eat what I wanted and lost all the weight I had gained. With my second, I couldn’t eat what I wanted and went on a couple of different diets like Paleo, 21 Day Fix, Atkins, and I ended up gaining weight or not enjoying them. And since I didn’t enjoy them, I never stuck with it.

As a child I was naturally drawn to fat and would ask my parents to pass the butter at dinner time. When they were in deep conversation, I would sneak the butter under the table to eat it, straight-up. No bread needed. So when I learned about the Keto diet, I was pretty thrilled. A diet where 75% of your food consists of fat, ummm…yes please. Sign me up!

I did it and I LOVE it. You get to eat cheese, butter, heavy whipping cream, salami, cream cheese, sour cream, eggs, avocados. All of these foods I loved but ate them in moderation because I was continually told fat was bad for me.

Now you might be thinking, lose weight but eat fat? Right, that’s what I thought too. But, part of the Keto diet is keeping your carb intake low in doing so your body uses fat for energy, not the glucose from carbs. At first this was hard because Americans naturally eat a high carb, low fat diet. As I became more educated in what I could and couldn’t eat on Keto, it wasn’t so bad.

Instead of filling myself with carbs, like breads or pastas, I would fill up on fats like a creamy sauce for my steak or whipped cream and berries for dessert. And I lost weight for the first time in 2 years. Not only that, I was working out less and feeling stronger. My muscle definition increased and I felt alive. So, I kept Ketoing!

reason #4: Personal Trainer Said So

I started seeing a personal trainer because I wanted to figure out a more effective way to work-out. Gregg Hoffman has a program called “40 Minutes a Week to Buff“. The program was intriguing because it suggested I only needed to work-out twice a week, for 20 minutes at a time focusing solely on weight-lifting, no cardio. I was skeptical but checked-it out. As I learned more about Gregg and his program, I realized that he ate a Keto diet just like I did. And when you work-out twice a week, eat Keto and look like this, I didn’t think twice.

toxfreeme - hydrastrength


Ketoing has been a wonderful journey thus far. I love that I removed a toxic substance from my eating habits (sugar). I love how I feel waking up more alive and feeling fresh. And most of all, I love eating butter just as I did as a child.

What are your favorite “diets” and why?


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