Essential Oils started becoming more prominent in my life about 5 years ago. My mother-in-law, who suffers from severe ailments like celiac, an auto-immune disease and complications from mold (learn more), was my first introduction to Essential Oils. When we would visit she had them stashed all over her house. In her bathroom, the kitchen, the living room. Everywhere you turned you could find them.

It was not until a few months ago, I learned their amazing benefits of supporting your body from the skeletal, muscular, circulatory, endocrine, respiratory, immune systems, your hormones (major issues of mine) and reproductive issue, your weight, brain health and emotions. One of my favorite sayings is “there’s an oil for that” and there truly is an oil for everything.

I decided I would jump on the band wagon of “Essential Oils” for a few reasons.

reason #1: Help support London’s immune system

My daughterwas born prematurely due to a high-risk pregnancy. She was born over 2 months early (9 weeks and 1 day to be exact – read about her story here). Babies who are born premature have less antibodies than babies born at full term.  This means London has a higher risk of developing an infection than my two other children (even Nathanael and myself). Because she didn’t receive the extra boost of antibodies during the third trimester, I wanted to start making better, smarter, healthier choices for her. Essential Oils was the key.

At first, I wasn’t very educated on Essential Oils and bought them off of Amazon. Bad choice! I quickly learned the quality of the oils is very important. Quality = no toxins. If I was making changes in my life to remove toxins because it was negatively effecting my health, why would I continue to put chemicals and toxins on London? I had to ensure the oils were pure.

For example, it takes 220 pounds of Lavender to make 7 pounds of Lavender oil. It takes 60,000 rose blossoms to make 1 ounce of Rose oil. One drop of Peppermint Oil is the same as using 28 peppermint tea bags. Which means if companies are spraying their plants, shrubs, trees with chemicals and pesticides, that small bottle of Essential Oils that I am rubbing on my skin (or London’s skin) is loaded with chemicals and toxins.

Another way to think about it is taking a whole apple tree, spraying it with pesticides, and instead of eating just one apple off the tree, you are getting all the chemicals and toxins sprayed on that entire tree….in you Essential Oils. Because of their high concentration,  you must be careful with the brands you choose. If you are using Essential Oils today and you don’t know how the oils were farmed, maintained and/or prepared, research it!

We ultimately landed on Young Living because they ensure toxins will never enter their oils. They are TRANSPARENT allowing anyone to visit their farms at any time. MANGAE AND CONTROL is important to them from buying the land virgin (chemical free), to seeding the plants all the way to sealing the bottles. Because the oils they produce come from the first distillation only they are of the highest INTEGRITY AND QUALITY. And they are ALL NATURAL using essential oils for weed an pest control (learn more here). This was the only brand I could accept for London.

reason #2: Help support Soren’s breathing issues

For some reason, Soren has the worst breathing issues. His breathing is especially difficult in the winter time when the cold, flu, stuffy noses and when congestion runs rampant. I am not sure why, out of all our children, he has the most difficulties given the fact that he was breastfeed the longest. After going through many different avenues to resolve the late night coughing and stuffy noses, we decided to start using Essential Oils.

We were tired of waking up two to three to four times a night. Helping him find his pacifier, giving him honey to relieve his seal-bark cough, rubbing Vick’s VaporRub on his chest to open his airways. Anything to get him to sleep better and allow us a few hours of sleep at night. Ugh, it was annoying and mothers out there know exactly what it was like. After coming across Essential Oils, it saved us from the winter wonderland of sickness.

Essential Oils in Bottles with Lavender, Pine and Mint

reason #3: They are practical

I am German, by descent, and therefore I am naturally a practical person. Practical means that when someone comes up with an idea that idea is easily applied. Well, my idea was to remove as many toxins and chemicals in my life as possible. Never will I ever be able to get rid of every toxin and chemical but I wanted to get rid as many as I could. My mantra…live life LESS toxic.

For the longest time, it wasn’t easy. There were so many choices at the grocery store for “green” dish detergent and “green” household cleaners but there weren’t “green” options for shampoos or make-ups. Side note….don’t get  “greenwashed” like I did.

Because I couldn’t buy what I considered to be “toxin and chemical free” products from one store, that meant I had to make another trip, to another store to find what I needed. I am a working-mother of 3 young children and my husband is a pilot. He’s gone A LOT. Shopping has to be EASY. Climbing in the back of our Toyota Sequoia to buckle and unbuckle two toddlers and then carry an infant car seat with a 15 pound baby into 5 different stores = not fun.

Making the decision was easy

When I learned that there was ONE company that could take care of all my needs, I was skeptical. But learning more about the company, I couldn’t resist but to jump on board.  They took care of everything! From toxin and chemical free cleaning products, bath, hair and body care, skin care, products for your kids (+ pets) and their new make-up line. How could you resist? Even more, you get:

  1. Get money back with every purchase
  2. Receive Loyalty Gifts for consecutive purchases at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months
  3. Easy, convenient ordering
  4. One-stop shopping for everything you need in your home
  5. Front-door delivery

I pride myself on being a very savvy shopper and Young Living fit all my needs as a young, busy mother of 3 kids.

Buying chemical and toxin free products before maybe offered me one or two of these perks but never all five. And since five is greater than one I decided that Young Living’s Essential Oils were the easiest, most practical choice for me. I haven’t looked back. Every day I learn something new about their benefits and how easily they can be integrated into my life.

If you are interested in learning more about Essential Oils please contact me via email at To purchase a starter kit and launch your home into toxin and chemical free living, follow this link to start today. With every purchase you will receive product guides, my support along the way and a free $25 gift of your choice. Ask how you can get your oils for FREE!



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