Follow this easy guide of 12 Ways to Live Chemical Free. I will show you simple, easy ways to remove chemicals from your home and replace them with healthier options. Additionally, by following my steps you can get rewarded with money back and FREE products.

I’ve heard it time and time again…”$50!…there is no way I spend that much a month on cleaning products“. Have you actually added it up? If you haven’t, calculate how much you spend on dish soaps, hand soaps, laundry detergent, dishwashing detergent, shampoos/conditioners, lotions, all-purpose cleaner, window cleaner, stuff to clean your floors, toothpaste, body wash, etc. I bet it is pretty close to $50 a month.

A report in the Huffington Post says the average American spends $42 every month on cleaning supplies. What the report doesn’t tell you is that most American’s cleaning supplies is loaded with disease causing chemicals.

I am going to show 12 easy, simple ways to spend $50 a month on chemical free cleaning products AND how to earn money with every purchase AND get FREE products along the way.

Chemical Free Living

Young Living is a company that has created 100’s of chemical free products. These products range from cleaning supplies, anit-aging, hair care, make-up plus products specially formulated for your kids (& pets). Along with these chemical free products, Young Living offers a rewards programs – Essential Rewards (ER). The more you spend, the more you get back. Read more about it here and here.

The rewards are simple. Spend $50 a month, on chemical free products, and receive these special offers:

  • 24% OFF future purchases
  • Money back on every purchase (10% month 1-3, 20% month 4-20, 25% month 25+)
  • FREE products (at months 3, 6, 9, & 12 of consecutive ER orders)
  • Discounted shipping
  • Front-door delivery service
  • 1 stop shopping for every day household items
  • Easy, convenient and customizable ordering

Their rewards program is like a loyalty program. The more you spend with them the more you are going to get back. Young Living has so many products to choose from (all chemical free), I constantly find myself spending between $100 to $200 every month purging my home of toxins and chemicals.


12 Ways to Live Chemical Free

If you prefer to stick to $50 a month (Essential Rewards requirements to receive the special offers), below is a 12 month guide providing easy practical ways to “kick chemicals to the curb”. Getting rid of chemicals and toxins throughout your home is going to be an investment but take your time. Why is in an investment? Because chemicals are everywhere. But do not be overwhelmed by this thought. Rather, use my guide below to make simple changes every month.

Thieves Cleaning Supplies - Chemical Free

Month #1 – $53.50
Thieves Laundry Detergent – $28.75
Thieves Dishwasher Powder – $24.75

Money back – $5.35

Month #2 – $57.50
Thieves Household Cleaner – $22.00
Thieves Hand Soap (3 pack) – $35.50

Money back – $5.72

Month #3 – $58.25
Thieves Dishwasher Powder – $24.75
Thieves Dishsoap – $13.75
Lavender Volume Shampoo – $19.75

Money back – $5.82
Free 5-ML Peppermint Oil (supply willing)

Month #4 – $54.25
Thieves Hand Soap Refill – $38.50
KidScents – Lotion – $21.75

Money back – $10.85

Month #5 – $53.50
Thieves Laundry Detergent – $28.75
Thieves Dishwasher Powder – $24.75

Money back – $10.70

Month #6 – $51.50
Thieves Household Cleaner – $22.00
Thieves Dishsoap
– $13.75
KidScents – Bath Gel – $15.75

Money back – $10.30
Free 5ML of Thieves Essential Oil

Month #7 – $52.75
Thieves Dishwasher Powder – $24.75
Thieves Aromabright Toothpaste (5 pack) – $28.00

Money back – $10.55

Month #8 – $54.25
Thieves Hand Soap Refill – $38.50
KidScents – Lotion – $21.75

Money back – $11.45

Month #9 – $54.06
Thieves Dishwasher Powder – $24.75
Lavender Volume Conditioner – $19.75
Lemon Essential Oil – $9.56

Money back – $11.45
Free 5ML of Melaleuca Essential Oil

Month #10 – $50.75
Thieves Laundry Detergent – $28.75
Thieves Household Cleaner – $22.00

Money back – $10.10

Month #11 – $59.50
Thieves Dishwasher Powder – $24.75
Peace & Calming Essential Oil – $34.75

Money back – $11.90

Month #12 – $54.25
Thieves Hand Soap Refill – $38.50
KidScents – Lotion – $21.75

Money back – $10.85
Free 5ML of a Loyalty Blend

Some of you might be saying “I added it up and I  don’t spend $50 a month on cleaning supplies“, which is definitely a reality, or “I am not going to spend $50 a month to switch to Essential Rewards. I can buy chemical free products at the grocery store“. STOP, WAIT, DON’T DO ANYTHING UNTIL YOU READ MORE.

Why the Grocery Store Isn’t Enough

#1 Greater Value Than you Think

Signing up with Essential Rewards offers a greater value than what you think. According to the 12 month spend above, your out-of-pocket expense would be $655 a year. But if you calculate the money you get back each month (which you don’t get buying chemical free products else-where) it totals $114. Additionally, the value of the FREE products is worth $107 total.

This means the overall dollar value is $433 over the course of a year.

With the addition of the FREE products you can replace other household items (i.e. one drop of Peppermint Vitality Essential Oil is the same as using 28 bags of Peppermint tea or Thieves Essential Oil can be used to support your immunity during cold and flu season), removing chemicals from your home, PLUS potentially protecting yourself from contracting other diseases costing thousands of dollars to repair your body the overall value is EXPONENTIAL.

#2 Dangers of “Greenwashing”

I used to get sucked in all the time. Thinking I was buying safe and eco-friendly products for my family when in reality they weren’t any better than the neighboring chemical ladened products. “Greewashing” is making a claim that is factually true but irrelevant or has hidden trade-off. Trade-offs? Right, trade-offs that means for thinking you are going “green” you may not actually be going “green”.  Read about the 7 Sins of Greenwashing. Don’t get brain washed by being “greenwashed”.

To avoid these two items, sign-up for Essential Rewards and learn 12 Ways to Live Chemical Free

Getting Started

Interested in getting started? YEAH! I am so excited. If you sign-up using my member number purchasing a Premium Starter Kit and Essential Rewards you will receive:

  • $25 in Young Living Reward Points
    • As a Thank You for your first order
    • For ER consecutive orders at 6, 12, 18 and 24 months
  • Product Guides
  • Personalized Tips and Tricks

Follow the steps below to start your journey of living chemical free with rewards.

#1 Visit
#2 Click on “Become a Member” in the top right corner
#3 Scroll to the bottom
#4 Select “I was referred by a member” under “Who introduced you to Young Living?”
#5 Enter my sponsor & enroller number to get 8 FREE products in the first two years (12007002)
#6 Choose your Starter Kit
Premium Starter Kit – found under “Popular Premium Kits” @ $160 (member savings of ~$400)
Thieves Household Cleaning Kit – found under “Other Premium Kits” @ $160 (member savings of ~$140)
Basic Kit – found under “Basic Kit” @ $45 (member savings of ~$95)
#7 Scroll Down and Select “Customize Your Kit” for Essential Rewards – you will enter Young Living’s website where you can choose products of your choice. Remember, you must spend a minimum of $50/month to receive the rewards.
#8 Enter your Shipping and Payment information
#9 Submit to receive your package in 5-7 business days!



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