Follow these 6 simple steps to make Back-To-School a breeze. Setting priorities, preparation and quality time are just a few secrets for success.

#1 Shop Online for Supplies

Let’s face it, shopping with kids is tough, especially with multiples. I have three kids and lugging them around from store to store takes times. They are all in car seats and it takes a good 5 minutes to get them in and out of the car at each stop. I dread going shopping but that doesn’t mean back-to-school shopping has to be that way.

Shop online to reduce your stress and make it enjoyable for everyone. My favorite store is Amazon because of its wide selection of toxin and chemical free products and free shipping for Prime Members.

Here’s my back-to-school online shopping list from preschool to highschool.

#2 Meal Prep

Prep lunches on the weekend to save time and save money. I usually spend Sunday afternoons preparing everyone’s meals for the week.

This great family activity often turns into a learning opportunity or a way to catch-up with my kids. For younger kids, I set-up an assembly line having them fill each container with the menu I’ve prepared. 5 carrots in each baggie, 1 cheese stick per lunch. You get the idea!

Meal prepping also saves me from rushing to grab unhealthy items or going through the drive thru on hectic days. While I don’t necessarily follow her menu (because we are gluten free and Keto), I do like the Happy Money Saver’s suggestions on how to prep lunches (and snacks) ahead of time.

Not only do my kids love the quality time together, it helps build their confidence in the kitchen at a young age. Skye, my eldest daughter, was cracking our morning breakfast eggs by age 3. Quite an achievement for such a young age.

Encouraging meal prep will help my children a passion for healthy meals and encourage positive food interactions.

#3 Boost their Immunity

Millions of kids are heading back to school which means millions of germs will be converging on a regular basis. Classroom are like a petri dish of the world finest bacteria.

Young children will contract anywhere from 6 to 12 cases of the cold or flu each school year potentially infecting everyone in the home. Parents aren’t immune to these diseases. An estimated 126 million days of work are taken annually caring for sick children.

Proper sleep and diet will boost their immunity and my go-to’s for additional everyday support is the Thieves product line. Inspired by the legend of 15th century French “thieves”, this special blend of essential oils protected these robbers from death as they stole from Black Plague victims. French authorities recognized the value of the essential oil blend and, in turn for a lesser sentence, the robbers provided their secret ingredients.

When using my sponsor and enroller # (12007002) to purchase these products, you will receive product guides, helpful hints and tips.

Thieves Hand Sanitizer
Thieves Wipes
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Thieves Essential Oil – I diffuse this in my kids room’s every night to help kill off any germs that might be lingering
Thieves Spray

Receive 24% OFF, money back for every purchase and FREE products while boosting your kids immunity. Learn more here:

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make back-to-school a breeze

#4 Go on a Date

Set some time aside for your kids and your significant other. Research suggests that focused time with your kids can reduce their emotional and behavioral problems. When kids feel important and loved they don’t feel the need to act out, at school or home. Some of my favorite dates are taking them to Chick-Fil-A or to the private airport restaurant to watch the little jets land and take-off. What kid doesn’t like airplanes?

Here are 50 other date ideas for you and your kids

Additionally, when kids see the commitment to your spouse it helps build their self-esteem and confidence. Happy parents = happy kids!

#5 Set a Priority for the Fall

I use to believe that summer would bring peace and quite. That was a false pretense I was living under for quite some time. Summer is the time we travel, taking advantage of the kid’s schedule and our family’s schedule (we have 5 teachers in the family). Life doesn’t die down. The craziness only continues.

During our date night, Nathanael and I often will write down 3 things that we want to accomplish or fun things to do over the next few months. It’s an exercise to see where your priorities lie and how they align with your spouse. One time Nathanael and I wrote down a total of 100 ideas. Some were the same and some were different but it was fun to see each desire we had for ourselves and our family.

Some of our top priorities are:

  1. Go on family walks 1x a week – some people might say that’s not enough but my husband is a pilot and travels a lot. Once a week is sometimes challenging.
  2. Insist on quiet time every day – even though our oldest doesn’t take naps she has to spend 2 hours in her room every day where she is “quiet”. She can read, do art or let her mind run wild and helps her body to slow down.
  3. Mommy time – I get a few hours each month to do whatever I want, no questions asked. I love it.
  4. Fix-up our outdoor space – we recently moved and the old homeowners didn’t take care of the outdoors. It is our sanctuary and we want a place to enjoy the beautiful creation.

Aligning your priorities (take some from your list and some from your spouse’s list) helps set a positive tone for the fall and when Thanksgiving and Christmas roll around you might have completed a few projects to make the holidays less stressful.

stressless summer bbq

#6 Live It Up

Summer is almost over. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy what is has left to offer. Drink lemonade, go for a swim or host a BBQ. There’s nothing quite like the summer days spent in the blistering heat. Relish them because the cold will soon be upon us.



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