The beauty industry is not protecting you and me. Find out the 7 secrets the beauty industry doesn’t want you to know.

Growing up in a conservative home, I wasn’t allowed to wear make-up until I became a teenager. Even at 12, I was limited to eye-shadow and mascara. Because of the limits my mother put on me, I enjoyed experimenting with eye-shadows from blues, brown, purples, pinks and more. Beauty products are one of my favorite items to experiment with because of the vast amount of color options and thousands of looks you can achieve with different combinations.

To achieve these looks, I use to be a very loyal member of Sephora and their “Beauty Insider” rewards program, loving the freebies I would get after spending hundreds of dollars. As I got older, Sephora was my go to for mascara, lip gloss, blush, eye liners, perfumes and so much more. But I didn’t realize that those products I become so familiar with were effecting my body in negative ways.

The beauty industry does not do a good job protecting the public from harmful chemicals and toxins. It actually is a trade secret to hide chemicals in the labels with familiar words like “fragrance”. After realizing the harm it was causing my body, I became an advocate for chemical free products. Here is a list of 7 secrets the beauty industry hides from unsuspecting shoppers like you and me.


#1 Hypoallergenic doesn’t mean anything

Often used to describe products that are “safe for sensitive skin”, this claim can be misleading. Currently, there are no federal regulations around the term “hypoallergenic” or governed definitions. Hypoallergenic can mean different things to different companies.


#2 Organic – a false claim

Like the term “hypoallergenic”, the cosmetic industry’s term “organic” is not regulated. This could include irrelevant statements like “CFC-free” when CFC’s are actually banned by law. Even worse, companies are culprits of “Greenwashing” which include hidden trade-offs, no proof, vagueness, false labels, irrelevance, lesser of two evils, lying and selective greenwashing. Read more about it here.


#3 Majority of products are not safe

Approximately 1,400 harmful chemicals have been banned in the European Union known to cause cancer, genetic mutation, reproductive harm and birth defects. How many does the U.S. ban? 30.

#4 Your lipstick is contaminated

A 2012 FDA study found 400 shades of lipstick contained traces of lead. While traces might sound promising; imagine the hidden ingredients in all your other products mounting up to be an overwhelming number of chemicals.


#5 May contain carcinogens

With the recent Johnson & Johnson law suit payout of $110 million dollars, many are wondering how long their bodies have endured dangerous ingredients.


#6 If it smells good it probably is a chemical s*** storm

Companies are not legally bound to disclose the chemical make-up of “fragrance” which could contain 100’s of chemicals. Fragrance is considered a “trade-secret”.


#7 Unscented could be MORE harmful than you think

Unscented products usually have very little smell because fragrant agents have been added to reduce or even mask the potency of the toxic chemicals. Look for fragrance free products which means no artificial or synthetic fragrances have been added.


For chemical and toxin free make-up, look to the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database to find healthier alternatives. My favorite brand is the Savvy Mineral Cosmetic line because of the money I get back for every purchase and FREE products I get for being a loyal shopper (just like Sephora). Interested in learning more? Click here.



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