The excitement is gathering as you (or your loved one) prepare to head off to college. With that excitement may come a sense of anxiety as you realize you will be furnishing a brand new living space. Fortunately, I’ve complied a list of all the college essentials that will help you thrive this school year. Below are eco-friendly, all natural, non-toxic items that you can buy directly from Amazon or print off my Non-Toxic College Supply Checklist to ensure you don’t forget a thing .

For the Classroom

Backpack option1 option 2 option 3
Non Toxic 3 Ring Binder
or Eco-Friendly Binder
Eco-Friendly Folders
Eco-Friendly Wide Lined Paper
Eco-Friendly Spiral Notebook
Eco-Friendly Graph Paper
Composition Notebook
Eco Friendly Mechanical Pencils & Eco-Friendly Pencils
Eco-Friendly Pens
Eco-Friendly Pencil Case – Boy & Girl
Non Toxic Ruler

Non Toxic Highlighter
Eco-Friendly Index Cards
Eco-Friendly Red Pens
Eco-Friendly Scissors
Hole Punch
Eco Friendly Stapler
Eco-Friendly Laptop Case
Printing Paper
Ink Cartridges Black & Color

Keeping it Clean

Eco-Friendly Mini Broom with dustpan
Eco-Friendly Large Broom
Trash Can
Eco-Friendly Trash bags
Non-Toxic Air Freshener
Eco-Friendly Disinfecting Wipes
Eco-Friendly Laundry Basket
Non-Toxic Laundry detergent
Non-Toxic Fabric Softener
Non-Toxic Stain Remover

Decorating the Dorm

Non-Toxic Mattress cover
Eco-Friendly Pillow
Eco-Friendly Sheets
Organic Quilt
Full-length mirror
Eco-Friendly Storage bins
Eco-Friendly Closet organizer/shoe rack
Desk and floor lamp

Dorm Supplies

All Natural Towels
Shower caddy
Flip-flips or shower shoes
All Natural Toiletries
Eco-Friendly Hangers
Adhesive hooks
Eco-Friendly Batteries
Eco-Friendly Alarm clock
Extension cords
Mini Fridge
Personal Coffee Maker
Non-Toxic Plates and Bowls
Utensils – here, here and here
Non-Toxic Water Bottle
Resalable plastic bags
Ear plugs
Eye Mask

Toxin Free Snacks

Trail Mix Snack Packs
Popcorn Variety Pack
Granola Variety Pack
Squeezable Applesauce
Healthy Potato Chips
Organic Full Fat String Cheese
Full Fat Greek Yogurt
Sliced Meats

Don’t forget to print off my Non-Toxic College Supply Checklist

Immunity Booster

Late night cramming, living in the dorms, freshman fifteen are all common mantras of college life. These can all hinder our ability to stay healthy. I LOVE the Thieves product line because it is an all natural, chemical free way to boost your immunity. PLUS, you can earn money back for every purchase.

Inspired by the legend of 15th century French “thieves”, this special blend of Essential Oils protected them death as they robbed those dying of the Black Plague. French authorities recognized the value and in turn for a lesser sentence, the robbers provided their secret ingredients. Use my sponsor and enroller # (12007002) when buying these products to receive product guides, helpful hints and tips.

Thieves Hand Sanitizer
Thieves Wipes
Thieves Cough Drops
Thieves Essential Oil – I diffuse this in my kids room’s every night to help kill off any germs that might be lingering
Thieves Spray

For more details, download the Thieves Product List with suggested uses, tips and tricks.

You can receive 24% OFF, money back for every purchase and FREE products while purchasing these items for your Family. Learn more here:

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