Detoxing is so important for your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. Even the healthiest of bodies can become so burdened by the toxins in our environment found in our food, medications, personal care & cleaning products. When toxins take over, our bodies do not perform optimally. That’s why it is so important to get toxins out to ensure we look our best, feel our best and perform our best!

How to know you need to detox?

A lot of people think that detoxing is a health crazy but really everyone should detox at few times a year. Toxins can build-up without any short term side affects but have detrimental, negative long term side affects leading to issues with our metabolism, behavior, weaken our immune system and cause disease.

I would know after my crazy health scare in 2016.

“The slow accrual of harmful chemicals in your body can gradually erode your organs and systems and lead to chronic disease” – Dr. Joseph Pizanno, The Toxin Solution

Even “healthy” people can have an overwhelming amount of toxins stuck in their systems (I use “healthy” in quotes because it is relative by nature). I was a “healthy” person eating all organic foods with veggies and fruits throughout the day. I exercised on a daily basis doing about 40 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes of strength training. And, I would visit my doctor for all my annual check-ups. But I soon learned that wasn’t enough.

Despite all my efforts to remain “healthy”, I had classic “body burden” that led to a high-risk pregnancy and pre-mature birth of my daughter. Detoxing is a way to ensure that my body won’t be overloaded with toxins and can help it perform at an optimal level and stay on top of its game.

10 Signs You Might Need a Detox

The good news is that your body naturally detoxifies itself – that’s what the liver and kidney were built for. But sometimes our bodies can be on toxin overload inhibiting the natural detox process. If you start to notice some of these signs, you may want to plan an upcoming detox:

  • Fatigue
  • Brain Fog
  • Irritability
  • Digestion Issues – Constepation, Bloating, Gas, Diarreha
  • Headaches
  • Sinus Congestion
  • Unexplained Aches or Soreness
  • Food Cravings
  • Trouble Losing Weight
  • Rashes

These can all be common signs that your body isn’t operating at its optimal level. I struggled with fatigue, digestion issues and food cravings but maybe that’s because I was nursing for a period of that time (insert wink here).

After detoxing my body, I noticed that my energy levels were extremely high, my digestion was on par and I no longer craved the sugary foods I did before. The side affect that I didn’t realize I had was brain fog. After my cleanse, I felt like there was extra room to think – as though a whole second story to my brain had been unlocked. It was pretty amazing!

10 Simple Steps to Enhance Your Detox

The actual definition of detoxification is “a process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances”. Detoxing is so important because of the dangers of toxins but also because of our constant encounters through pesticides in our food, ingredients in processed foods, pollutants in the air and the high amounts of dangerous ingredients found in our make-up, shampoos, household cleaners + more.

While on any type of detox process, it is important to put as little stress on your body and help it focus on getting rid of all those nasty toxins, gunk & junk stuck in our system. Before you start any cleanse or detox, you should consult your doctor. Below are some ways to help your body detoxify:


#1 Drink plenty of water

Water is an important part of detoxing to help flush all the bad stuff out. It is important to drink filtered and purified water to ensure you aren’t getting any other nasty toxins. And make sure you aren’t drinking out of plastic water bottles because of the high dangers of phthalates and BPA’s floating around.

Here are some recommendations for water filtration systems:

Under Counter Reverse Osmosis Filter – my top recommendation as it can trap any molecule bigger than water, more effective than carbon filters since it is able to remove fluoride
Water Filter Pitcher – removes fluoride, lead & is BPA Free

The goal is to drink about eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day. As WebMD suggests, the “8x8” isn’t hard evidence but rather just easy to remember.


#2 Eat Clean Food, Whole Foods

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is a nice little motto but also helps remind us that eating fruits are important along with vegetables. Consume as many of these during your cleanse and, if financially possible, choose organic as to not add extra burden to your body when detoxing. If choosing all organic food doesn’t align with your budget (as it most certainly can), use the Dirty Dozen list as a guide for what fruits and vegetables that have the highest concentration of pesticides to help focus your efforts on eating clean.

Also, try avoiding sugar and processed foods as they generally don’t promote health.


#3 Exercise

Exercising shouldn’t come as a surprise health benefit. Exercising can increasing circulation, controlling your weight, improving your mental health and so much more.- all helpful when detoxing your body.


#4 Jump on the Cleanse Bandwagon

Toxins can be found all over the body which makes detoxing so important. Cleansing is a form of detoxification that focuses solely on eliminating toxins, fecal matter, parasites & fungi from the digestive tract. Often colon cleansing is a good place to start because it is a gentle and an easy way to eliminate waste. I like to use the Trio Cleanse System –  ComforTone, ICP and Essential Zymes which focus on supporting gentle digestion & using rich fibers to help flush things out.


Wanting some great detox resources? Check these out:


#5 Avoid Stimulants

Staying clear of coffee, alchohol, seddatives, etc. ease the body into detoxification and puts less stress when trying to flushing these items out, such as alcohol through the liver. It is more important for your body to focus on the toxins already inside your body and not the new ones coming in.


#6 Work up a sweat

As #3 suggests, exercising is important but also to “break-a-sweat” while doing it. Sweating is a natural way our body clears out the junk. If working-out isn’t your thing, or you simply strapped for time, saunas, Epsom salt baths and steam showers can do the trick.

Saunas are my new go-to. After 20 minutes of strength training at the gym, I pop into the sauna for 15 to 30 minutes. It helps relax my sore muscles, relax my mind and great place to get all sorts of toxins out.


#7 Consume Gut supporting probiotics

Probiotics, you say? Yes, these little guys are amazing. Fermented vegetables (sauerkraut), Kiefer or Probiotic supplements help put the good bacteria back into your body. I was on a probiotics supplement for 3 months to help up a yeast infection in my stomach. It was wrecking havoc on my entire digestive system and probiotics did the trick.


#8 Kick Chemicals to the Curb

This might seem like any easy one but many people are unaware of all the chemical ladened personal care and household cleaning products. Our skin is like a giant sponge aborbing many things into the body. The nicotine and birth control patch were made to be absorbed into the skin. Don’t put extra chemicals into the body when you are trying to eliminate them and focus on using plant-based items. My favorite is Young Living’s cleaning line guaranteed to be chemical free.


#9 Supplement Your Nutrients

While I was going through my whole body detox, my doctor put me on a Multi-vitamin because my body was depleted from essential nutrients. Not only me, but many people are lacking the vital vitamins needed for a body to function.


#10 Relax

Relaxing is key to detoxing. Focusing on 5-10 minutes of quiet time, meditating, & taking a few deep breaths helped me regain clarity and sense in my chaotic life. And one of my favorite ways to relax is to get a massage – a great aide in toxin clearing.

Bottom line – do your homework, do your research and make sure the detox is serving your goals of a healthier life. What are some successful ways you have detoxed your body?


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