Are you tired of being a slave to your clients?  A slave behind the chair?  Working long hours and catering to everyone during the those busy times of year?  You know what I am talking about – when everyone wants to get in making you work from dawn to dusk!  This is not the life you want to live!  I KNOW because I once lived that way too.  Thankfully, I learned an easy way to no longer be a slave to my clients and found a bullet-proof way to make extra money. Here’s the secret to make more money as a hair stylist and how to actually work less! Yes, IT IS POSSIBLE!

It starts by transforming how typical stylist do business – out with the old in with the new! The old way of retailing is focused behind the chair, promoting other company’s products where the big brands make all the money for YOUR recommendations. When your customers purchase those products (the ones that you love and trust so much) the big guys make all the money while you get left in the dust.

The 21st century way of retailing is still behind the chair but YOU make money from the products YOU promote– no longer handing money to the big companies. YOU CAN FINALLY MAKE MORE MORE AS A HAIR STYLIST & WORK LESS!



How to Make More Money As A Hair Stylist

The BEST way to make more money as a hair stylist is to be PASSIONATE about what you do. Isn’t that why you became a stylist in the first place? Because of your love to help people feel and look their best?….which makes choosing a company that pays you for referring, lets you try before you buy, is the fastest growing hair care line & has transformed people’s hair is a NO BRAINER! The benefits are amazing:

  • Clinically proved to regrow, repair and restore hair
  • Botanically based (naturally based)
  • Ads proper moisture balance because of the use of Essential Oils
  • Penetrates all 3 layers of the hair shaft (repairing from the inside out)
  • Toxin Free –  no parabens, sulfates, phthalates, PEG, gluten, harmful fragrances, etc.
  • Free of silicone & waxes that build up on hair, clog hair follicles and cause thinning

What Makes Monat Great!

So what makes this company so great? Their own love & passion to empower women and help you make more money as a hair stylist through:

EASE OF PURCHASE – everything is online, shipped directly to your client’s door
NO INVENTORY – not having to spend 1,000’s of $$$$ to start earning money
PAID ON REFERRALS – every time someone buys, YOU GET PAID
30 DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE – committed to giving you the best experience

Not only that, Monat will never divert or tamper their products ensuring you will continually make money. Unlike most professional lines, you will NEVER find Monat available to your customers at Ulta, Sephora, Target, Walmart, etc. Monat has put the professional back into professional products. They will never sell out to L’Oreal (who owns 90% of the products industry) who has never had your best interest in mind. L’Oreal is known for cheapening the ingredients, selling out to bulk purchasers, undercutting hair stylist and salons, marketing directly to your customers ultimately taking away your sales and integrity.

It Transforms Lives – Samantha’s Story!


If you are still skeptical (which any normal person would be), I want to share a testimonial of a stylist who is on my team. Her story is truly amazing and shows the power Monat can offer any stylist that is willing to take the leap!

Here are some of the incredible results she has seen and continues to see each and every day…


  • 75% of customers started buying hair care products through me (10% before)
  • Sold $10K worth of products in 6 weeks where previously sold $20K in 52 weeks
  • In 3 months, my income DOUBLED
  • In 9 months, I hired an assistant because my Monat clients had sent me so many referrals that I couldn’t get them all in. They not only wanted Monat but a Monat stylist.
  • In 1 year…..
    • I took 3 vacations all expenses paid by Monat & could afford to take the 16 days off because I was making so much money from my Monat commissions (Bahamas, Cabo, and Disney World for my entire family)
    • I started getting large amounts of phone calls from people who googled Monat stylists because of the amazing results they heard about Monat.
  • In 2 years….
    • My income TRIPLED
    • I took 2 vacations – all expenses paid by Monat (Seattle and Las Vegas)
    • Monat bought me a FREE Cadillac Escalade
    • Bought a new house, close to my salon
    • Had a baby & took maternity leave
    • Have over 2,000 people purchasing Monat under me, who will never buy their hair care anywhere else again because it WORKS! – even if they move away, find a new stylist or if I retire I will continue to make money from their purchases (oh, and God forbid, if I die, my children will continue to earn those commissions)
  • No longer leaving money sitting on the shelf full of inventory that may or may not sell before it expires



GUESS WHAT? This is only the beginning. If you are a hair stylist who hasn’t tried MONAT send me an email to try Monat 30 days FOR FREE!  Not only that, when you join my team, I will buy you $100 worth of FREE product to test on your clients giving them the healthiest, happiest hair they have ever dreamed of.

Don’t wait to start earning the money everyone dreams of.  Sign up today and join the fastest growing hair care line – that pays you to refer and allows you to break free from the chair!


9 + 11 =


If you want to start earning record amounts of income and set yourself free, sign-up today, join my team and LET’S DO IT TOGETHER!




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